Hats off to Beach Cleanup Volunteers

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Beach cleanups are becoming more and more common around the world. People who use the beaches and play in the ocean are giving their time and energy to try and combat the results of ocean pollution. In doing so, they are also raising awareness of the problem to the general public.

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When you join a beach cleanup you join a global community of people who care. Hats off to the Mavericks crew, Surfrider Pacific Rim, Vancouver, NorCal, San Mateo, Central and Ocean Legacy for their efforts. TruBeach is thrilled to be a free and useful tool in the documentation and reporting of these events.

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TruBeach joins Surfrider for Florencia Bay Cleanup


The Trubeach crew volunteered with Surfrider Pacific Rim ( on a beach clean up of Florencia Bay, Tofino area this past month.

“The beach clean up was a success we collected mostly small pieces of plastic, bottles and rope but when looking deeper we found mamy small styrofoam beads at the high water line.  Working together with a great group of young volunteers from Surfrider was a pleasure.  Seeing young people volunteering their time to make a difference is very inspiring  – Nigel Bennett Founder Trubeach”  

 TruBeach can be used as a tool by groups such as Surfrider and others to report what they see and do during beach clean ups.  Sharing information on a community platform is very powerful,  the more we report and share the quicker we can educate the population to be aware when they throw something away.   The question is where is away. The answer is much of the time away ends up in our oceans.

By supporting groups like Surfrider and using Trubeach ( as a tool to report the “Tru” condition of our beaches and oceans,  collectively we can change the tide of pollution in our oceans.

Thanks again to the support from Surfrider Pacific Rim and all the volunteers for making this day a success.

Surfrider Pacific Rim – Jason Sam Chairman;  Colleen Sedgwick – Committee Lead ; Lilly Woodbury – Chapter Manager and all the other Surfrider volunteers also thanks to volunteers from Trubeach Kina Bennett,  Mac–dawg Sheridan and Rieko Bennett.