Sitka's New Film "Plastic Beach" Available Now

Check out this fantastic work by Sitka. These guys are the real deal and trying to make a difference. TruBeach is proud to support them in their efforts to combat plastic pollution.

"On Friday we launched our new film 'plastic beach.' This film documents our work with Clayoquot Cleanup to remove, at an industrial scale, ocean plastics. In a 2 week period we removed 34,000 pounds of plastic from the remote beaches of Clayoquot sound (near Tofino).

The timing of this launch is reminding people in this time of extreme consumerism and gift buying to be mindful and to make purchases of products that are not made of plastic and not packaged in plastic.

Additionally...from the 23rd - 26th of November Sitka will be donating 100% of sales to further fund our efforts with Clayoquot Cleanup and continue to restore these once pristine beaches".

The film is public now: