Winners of TruBeach Bursary to attend Triplit Conference 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the TruBeach bursary to attend Triplit Conference 2019!

Bryan Hynes is a smiling, adventuring, nature loving, creative, mentoring, people-passionate person based in Torquay on the surf coast of Victoria, Australia. In 2017 he picked up a camera to combine his creative side with his background of travel, expedition, nature, people, conservation and adventure. 

 For the past 10 years, Bryan has worked on many projects around responsible travel and influencing the youth of tomorrow while also leading schools on trips in developing world countries. 

 His goal in his video production is to find engaging and emotive ways to connect people with stories, because when we connect emotionally it has a stronger effect on memory and creating action. 

Dounya Cherqui is originally from Morocco and has lived in about 12 different countries

Dounya tries to give back as much as she can on a daily basis whether it is through volunteering for women empowerment and children, or living a more sustainable life. 

 She is currently creating a watch brand with Antonino Raviele called Ora, that combines design, minimalism and sustainability. Their goal is to raise awareness about the current situation of our planet with a specific focus on the oceans. They believe we are all able to have an impact at our own scale and their new watch brand is about inspiring people to do so, and to be better versions of themselves everyday.

 Dounya does not want to inspire fear and guilt but rather positivity and positive awareness as to how easy it can be to actually have an impact. 

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