Triplit Conference 2019


We at TruBeach recently had the opportunity to attend Triplit Conference 2019 on Bowen Island, B.C. Canada. Triplit is a company founded by photographer and Instagram influencer Emmett Sparling and his mom Tiffanee Scorer. Their goal is to help social media influencers from around the globe use their reach, and come together to impact positive change in the world.

The conference took place over 5 days with some amazing speakers like Sam Kolder, Tim Sykes from Karmagawa, Kalen Emsley from Tentree and an absolutely stunning viewing of the documentary “Save the Reef”. The film was made by Amir Zakeri and Justin Kalani Burbage with help from Karmagawa. Everyone must see this movie. It left a powerful impression on me, and my 13 year old daughter. She was especially moved and motivated by the film, and it’s her generation that will inherit the mess we have created unless we change our habits drastically and immediately. It is on YouTube for anyone to watch and share with their social network. Watch it here


TruBeach was proud to provide a bursary to two lucky participants, Bryan Hynes and Dounya Cherqui. They were both a pleasure to meet…very motivated, creative and inspired people.

Hats off to Triplit for a fantastic event. We look forward to working together and to next year’s conference.