• TruBeach is a mobile community created to empower everyone to explore beaches, share their experiences, and protect the world’s waters. Travelers, families, athletes, and beachgoers can discover beautiful and safe beaches to enjoy, while at the same time informing the community about beaches and waters that need support. TruBeach is a platform for the public and a useful tool for beach cleanup organizations to post photos and reviews of their amazing work keeping beaches clean around the globe.


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  • TruBeach couldn’t be made possible without your participation. We tremendously appreciate your interest in downloading the app and engaging with the community. Please contact us if you have any suggestions, feedback, or would like to get involved. We also encourage you to join our Facebook group to stay in the loop about local events and chat with other community members.


  • The TruBeach mobile community was founded by Nigel Bennett. In 1992, Nigel co-founded Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc. The business’s mission: protect water, the world’s most precious resource. For over twenty years, the company has designed, fabricated and supplied marine oil spill response equipment and provided related services to 3,000+ clients worldwide. Aqua-Guard’s patented oil skimming technology has been used to clean up spills from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico and from Egypt to China. Nigel and Aqua-Guard have received multiple awards for their innovation, business excellence and entrepreneurialism.

Photo by Steve Badger